Do you use your supplies or ours?
We provide all the equipment and supplies. If there is a particular product that you would prefer we use, we are happy to do so if you provide the product.

Do you check backgrounds of your employees?
Absolutely! We do an extensive reference check and through the Washington State Patrol, a criminal background check, and we also do random drug screening.

How many people will clean my home?
We utilize “Team Cleaning” and generally have 2 to 3 housekeepers working together. We find this an advantage to the client with the team spending less time in your home. The team effort also allows for team verification regarding the quality of work done in your home.

Will I have the same people in my home each time?
This is an issue of great importance to us as well and the use of a team allows us to have more consistency. At minimum, you will find our supervisor is generally the same person and most times, at least one other Team Member will be consistent.

Have you ever had a dishonesty issue with any of your teams?
No, we have been extremely careful and fortunate. Of course, no company is immune to hiring a dishonest person, but we have every safeguard in place. We employ solid hiring practices and the odds are more than in our favor.

Types of Housekeepers/Companies and Where We Fit In

One of the most common ways of having your home cleaned is by hiring an independent cleaning person. The upside to employing such a person is cost. They generally charge about $21 per hour. Honesty, dependability, and work quality will depend entirely on the person. The downside is lack of backup should a personal problem arise with your housekeeper. Also, being a personal employee, there is not generally insurance or payroll taxes which has some potential for liability.

A referral company, with rates of approximately $26 per hour, is another home cleaning possibility. You may not realize you are hiring a referral company unless you ask. These companies appear to be a cleaning company, but the housekeepers do not actually work for them; they are subcontracted. If there is a problem with the housekeeper, the company will simply give the contract to someone else. You pay the agency and they give a percentage to the housekeeper. There is often little protection or consistency.

A Franchise Company is often the most visible. Quality of work and employees vary depending on the ownership. They generally charge between $35 and $40 per hour.

The Local Independent Company ( us ). We like to think you get the best of all worlds. Our housekeepers are our employees which protects the client. We have no franchise fees and little overhead allowing us to undersell our competition. Since we dominate a small geographic area, there is minimal driving time and this also allows for close supervision. Given the owners live in the community, our reputation is our most valuable asset and advertising too.